Live in Newcastle

Live in Newcastle

While Newcastle’s legendary surf breaks and laidback way of life is well known, you might not have guessed that it’s also a world-class city full of business, employment and investment opportunities.

It’s a city of unlimited potential. A thriving hub of business, innovation and creativity with access to international-standard facilities and global networks.

There are so many reasons why you should live, work and play in Newcastle. Be part of the momentum and find out why more and more people are now calling this great city ‘home’.

The Newcastle landscape has been slowly changing during the past few decades, shedding its predominantly industrial past for a more diversified commercial and residential future. This transformation has been accelerating in the past few years thanks to the investment being made by City of Newcastle, along with the University of Newcastle and other government and corporate sectors. 

There are only a discrete number of cities in the world that have successfully maintained excellent lifestyles for their citizens whilst increasing their productivity levels and supplying high quality goods and services to their neighbours (often mega cities and far larger economies).

By harmoniously enabling enviable lifestyles, creative, technological, entrepreneurial and educational opportunities for their citizens, these cities display competitive advantage in the world’s most valuable of all markets, that of labour.

For many people seeking opportunities to work with, invest in and develop talented individuals, create business opportunities and innovative products and services; these cities often lie in the shadow of their larger neighbours, unable to expose themselves.

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