At City of Newcastle, we are dedicated to showcasing our vibrant city through a variety of strategic campaigns designed to attract and engage visitors.

Our campaigns are crafted to highlight Newcastle’s charm, diverse experiences, and rich heritage, aligning with our overarching goal of positioning Newcastle as an offbeat city escape with a colorful personality. 

Current campaigns

Seek Off Beat - Phase 2
In market dates: February to July 2024

Phase two of the campaign will move the audience from learning about and considering Newcastle as their next short break destination, to actively booking experiences. As such, the campaign features a range of special deals, packages, and promotions (hosted on the Visit Newcastle website).  

Participation in this campaign has closed. 

Past campaigns

Seek Off Beat - Launch

The Seek Off Beat campaign was launched in August 2022 and included 12 months of activity that resulted in over 23 million impressions, 3.4 million video views and 220,000 engagements with campaign creative.