Hero Experiences

Our hero experiences highlight the best of what our city has to offer, from breathtaking coastal adventures to vibrant after-dark activities.

These experiences are at the core of all marketing activities that are delivered by City of Newcastle. 

Arts, Culture and Heritage

We’re a boutique destination that’s anything but ordinary. Our rich heritage, thriving cultural scene and colourful personality makes us unique.

We showcase Newcastle’s rich and varied story by surfacing its history, art, creative talent and architecture. Expressing the story through the products and experiences that showcase the city’s breadth of expertise and talent, creating a connection between people and place.

After Dark

Newcastle knows how to show our visitors a great night out.

We showcase our vibrant nightlife, unique dining spots, entertainment venues and bespoke venues. As a safe city, we can assure visitors that they can enjoy Newcastle both day and night.

Active and Outdoors

Newcastle is home to an abundance of significant natural attractions, stunning environments, and plentiful wildlife where a new adventure is awaiting around every corner.

We showcase products and experiences that enable visitors to explore Newcastle’s natural beauty, from the bush and parklands to coastal walks and suburban bike trails.


From gourmet fine dining to café culture and locally produced artisanal delights, our city boasts a thriving culinary culture with extraordinary flare.

We surprise and delight visitors with consistent, high quality culinary products and experiences that showcase local produce and ingredients. Newcastle has so much to offer, from exceptional coffee to local craft beverages, quirky eateries to high-end, fine dining experiences.

Aquatic and Coastal

Newcastle is a destination where stunning waterways and iconic beaches are juxtaposed with a vibrant, eclectic and compact city, rich in culture and steeped in heritage.

We showcase products and experiences that highlight our coastal assets and enable visitors to experience the raw and rugged beauty of the city’s coastline in a way that is safe, sustainable and engaging.